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My Recent Books

What’s Your Relationship Status with…YOUR DREAMS?

Relationships are essential to our human experience. Individuals that have a healthy understanding of this, spend the time and energy to cultivate good relationships. This book will challenge you in a different way because this relationship evaluation is between you and your dreams. Yep, I said it, “your dreams”!! How different would your life and the world be when you establish a healthy, whole, and happy relationship with the dreams downloaded in your heart?

I Am A GOD Idea! 31 Days of Realignment with Our GOD Given Identity

Our identity is extremely vital to our very existence. The creator of all things, our Dad, was strategic in the way He handcrafted us. It was never by happenstance that He made us in His image and likeness. He did that purposefully so we could fully live out our individual purposes to accomplish the kingdom purpose during our time on earth! Being sure of our identity is a POWERFUL tool and the only source of this assurance is our DAD, it’s time to get settled on what He says!!

I Am A GOD Idea: Teen Edition

This book was written with teens in mind. Being a teen can be a very difficult period in a young persons life. Identities are often lost in a lot of external factors which causes their identities to be misplaced and distorted. This resource will help guide teens back to their original identity as defined by the manufacturer, God!! He is our source of identity because He created all of us so who better to establish our identity than Him. This 15 day journey lovingly reminds our teens of this truth and gives them an opportunity to journal how they feel about the identity point of the day!!

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